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Casco Bay is one the most beautiful waterways in the world. It stretches from Cape Elizabeth to Harpswell and is sprinkled with beautiful islands and rivers to explore. The islands range from bustling communities with shops and restaurants, like Peaks Island, to beautiful uninhabited islands like jewels that offer splendid walking trails and fire watch lookouts. If you are an experienced boater and want to explore Casco Bay on your own schedule Fogg's Boatworks can provide you with a boat that is custom built by us. We have boats that are outfitted with heads and cabins and plenty of seating so you can be comfortable while you explore and enjoy this terrific waterway. There is no better way to enjoy the Bay. If you are not an experienced boater but still want to explore the bay on your own time we offer captained cruises for up to six passengers. Wether you have Captain Eben, Pat or Dennis you can be sure you will have a great time. All of our Captains have been on Casco Bay their entire lives and are always thrilled to share their knowledge and love of the Bay with others.


Captained Cruise Rates:   $100 per hour - up to 6 passengers.

  • LIGHT HOUSE CRUISE:  Take the afternoon or evening to enjoy Maine's beautiful coastline and lighthouses. Grab a bottle of champagne and some friends and have a great experience. We can accommodate up to six passengers.  
  • SUNSET CRUISE:  You and your friends can tour Casco Bay during the sunset hours and view some of Portland most spectacular vistas while the sun sets on our beautiful coastal city.  
  • OCEAN TO RIVERS TOUR:  Explore the warm waters that run into Casco Bay. Great swimming holes that allow you to see rivers and ocean all in one go. From the rapids of the Presumscot to the stoned walls of Fort Gorges.
  • ISLAND TOURS:   From the seclusion of Jewels to the bustle of Peaks we can get you there and show you the best of each island.  
  • SEAL & WILDLIFE TOUR:   Explore Casco Bays' diverse marine ecosystem, catch glimpses of seals, eagles, osprey and a myriad of other wonderful animals while taking in the scenery. 

We can take up to six passengers and highly recommend
making your reservation in advance.   Availability is limited.



Regular taxi service runs from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Sunday. Off-hours service is available by reservation. Special rates apply.  If you have not made a reservation but need a taxi, please call, however, we cannot guarantee a taxi service.

As always Reservations are Highly Recommended. 

Please call:   (207) 956-2516  for Water Taxi Services

One Way Rates

Location 6 am. - 10 pm. Before 5 am. - after 11 pm.
Little Diamond Island $55 $80
Great Diamond Island $55 $80
Peaks Island $55 $80
Cushing Island $55 $80
Diamond Cove $65 $90
Cow Island $65 $90
Long Island $65 $90
Cliff Island $85 $110
Chebeague Island $80 $105
Little Chebeague Island $80 $105
Store Pier $125 $150
Jewel Island $125 $150
Stillwater Grill, S. Portland $30 n/a
S. Portland Spring Point $45 $70

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